BACtrack Alcohol Breathalyzer Woot Info Post - go ahead, drink it up.

BACtrack Alcohol Breathalyzer [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * KHN Solutions Bactrack S30 Alcohol Breathalyzer

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A .33% BAC? Ouch.


for the girl who has everything

I must be drunk for waiting up for this

What exactly are you trying to say woot?

BAC is sooooo close to BOC

now i can wine.woot and drive

Buddy just got one. I blew a .32 the othernight… :3

This thing is not worth the 18 dollars plus shipping, inaccurate, I can figure out how drunk I am by my actions.

hey wooters

fits in the glove compartment easily.

Hi My Name is Bill

In for 3!

Wooooo party time

LOL!!! WOOT!!!