BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer

BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer
$44.99 $79.99 44% off List Price


What are you trying to say Woot??!

Woots way of telling you you’ve had enough…

You need one of these :wink:

I do too. In for one!

$45 is a lot cheaper than a DUI. Even if you have to wait an hour to drive on occasion.

Nope…Uber is the answer for all those problems :slight_smile:

Some good reviews (3.8 put of 5.0) over at

almost as many one star as 5 five reviews on Amazon

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The day I need one of these is the day I won’t need one of these, anymore.

Assuming you live in a place that has Uber.

I will never understand why someone would spend money on a device like this.

If you have to ask yourself if you’ve had too much to drink to operate a car, you have.

But I’m guessing wootazon is getting like 85% margin on this, so buy up, wooters…

honestly, its more of a fun thing. my sister has one (not this model) that we pull out at parties sometimes. not really to see if people could drive, more of a high score kinda thing. and yes we are well beyond teen and college age, its still just fun.

also, having a soon to be ex BIL with a severe drinking problem, making him blow one of these before he can pick up his daughters and when he drops them off, is quite a deterent for him.

theres just 2 reasons for ya.

I feel like there is a big joke in the write up, like a show, movie, or book I never read that they’re making out a character from… anybody, no, just me?

I’d pay this much for an ACCURATE machine but everytime I see one of these the reviews talk about what junk they are.

I’ve used cheap ones before and they’ve had some really results. I would drink and drink then use it after about 30 minutes and it would give me one result, then I would wait over an hour without a drink and it’d say my results were higher!

Real breathalyzers aren’t cheap and this seems to be as cheap as the bad ones.

The amazon reviews are rigged and I would assume so are the best buy reviews. There are a ton of unverified buyers on amazon giving sales pitch type reviews of the products and when you click their additional reviews - they are all for BACtrack & Bluefire products.

Bad business practice to attempt to deceive the consumer with fake reviews.

That’s the way it should work. Not going to argue that these are not the most accurate systems, but your blood alcohol level will go up before it goes down.

Down a shot of vodka, take a reading. You should be at 0.00. Wait 10 minutes and you’ll probably be at .01. And so on.

I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not, so I’m going to assume that you may just be misinformed. Your BAC can continue to go up after you stop drinking, especially if you drank a large amount before stopping, as more of the alcohol sitting in your stomach gets absorbed into your system.

I can’t help but come up with some interesting captions for the last two pictures in the set. Back in the day we would have had a contest…

I’m guessing, or hoping anyway you are being sarcastic or you’re misinformed about how these things work. But your blood alcohol content should be higher as time passes. This is confirmation the device is working.down 3 or 4 shots and perform a simple task. Wait 30 to 45 minutes later and repeat the same task. You should encounter difficulty as time goes on suggesting those same shots have left your belly and are now in your blood (bac=blood alcohol content)

yeah it is a blast to be in the emergency room from alcohol poisioning or because your breathing is so suppressed your friends are afraid you’ll die. woohoo who can get the highest score!

lighten up folks…geez next you will be telling people with home blood pressure devices they just have them to wear around their neck to have a better orga…nevermind