BACtrack Go Keychain (2)

Um…this is $20 on Bestbuy’s site right now. (Current woot price $48)

Free shipping to boot.

Woot fail.

Did you guy’s mess up on the price here? This thing retails at $40, sells most places (online and in stores) for $30, and I saw it at BestBuy over the holidays for only $15.

I think you have it confused with one of the models that bluetooths to your phone.

I know there are two, but it’s still not a Woot-worthy price.

Yeah, I just checked…it’s $30, free shipping on the mother ship Amazon.

I feel really bad for the suckers buying this right now for this price.

And Amazon shows the MSRP is $40. Woot says two of them are worth $100. I think one of the bluetooth models MSRPs at around $50 so I think they made a mistake…

Those all look like singles… this is a two-pack.

I know math is hard, but you’d rather pay $48 for two than $15-20 for one?


It’s a backlit LCD display they show in the photograph, not an LED display.


For 2 units:
= 47.99+5
= 52.99

For 2 units:
= 30*2
= 60

The last time I checked 53 is less than 60… so yeah, there ya go. I guess math is harder for some.

Side note - the $15.00 was on sale over the holidays and is not quite applicable here and now.

The VERY first post I provided this (still active and working) link:

(an active link to $20)

While $53 (wrong bc wine.woot doesn’t charge shipping) < $60 (not the price point we’re talking about)

$47.99 (correct woot) > $39.98 (correct bestbuy)