BACtrack Select Breathalyzer w/Extra Mouthpieces

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How accurate is this thing?

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Even though breathalyzers are meant to tell you when to stop drinking, my experiences with these only lead to more. I recommend keeping these away from parties :smiley:

Having a counter for number of tests performed tells me its lifetime is limited to a certain number of tests???

So the question is: What is the lifetime of this device? How many tests before it’s officially a paperweight?

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What’s the difference between this one and the BACtrack Select S50 Breathalyzer? I get that one off Woot and it sucked from the start. Needed to be recalibrated every 20 blows and the cost to ship it back and forth plus the cost to fix it was more than the whole thing cost me. Plus I never got to the 20 blows before it started showing results that would make me legally dead from alcohol poisoning. It would register a 0.09 and then a 0.67 2 minutes later. And did I mention I was stone cold sober and hadn’t had a drink all day when I tested it? Hope this one is better than the last one because had I relied on it, I would still be in jail for a DUI.

(from item description):
Sensor Accuracy: +/- 0.01% BAC @ 0.02% BAC

I’m not as think as you DRUNK I am!!11!


According to their website its +/- 0.01 %BAC @ 0.02 %BAC

rest of specs

This thing could be just what you need for the modern drinking game.

I bet this is great for checking if I’m as think as I drunk I am…

Here’s two buzzkills for you:

The product should be recalibrated at least every six to twelve months depending on frequency of use and operating conditions. We recommend sending the unit in for calibration after 200 tests have been performed, or every 6 to 12 months if less than 200 tests have been performed. If the product is used every day, it may need to be recalibrated as frequently as every month.

Wait at least 20 minutes after drinking, 1. eating or smoking before testing. Not observing this waiting period can cause inaccurate readings and damage the sensor. Do not blow smoke, food, or liquids into the BACTRACK as this will damage the sensor.

I would pass on this if I was you, it seems to either say .08 or .4. It never seems to read right. It said I was .4 after 2 beers.

Is it me or is every Canadian guy like this? I swear I met the guy in the description at a bar in Seattle…change 9 Ball to 8 Ball and he threatened to kill me after I beat him for $20 and he told me my shirt was gay.

Anyone else wonder how the people at woot got a “.33” on this guy for the picture? That’s pretty impressive!

Drive Safe Woot!

BACTRACK Vs. Intoxilyzer at YouTube

Are all breathalyzer sensors this sensitive/fragile? Could be a great excuse:

  • Yeah… hick you know officeeeeer… I’d hick love to take this breatheabreathlizzzor test hick… but I just fishened smockin/eati/drinki… hick donowonoo damage your *hick’vice…

I have the law enforcement field model and this is not close as accurate as those, but the tech in these has improved over the years.

In for three because this saves people’s lives.

Keep one in the glove box and force yourself to use it before turning the key. When you see the results an illegal over the limit reading might motivate you to sleep it off rather than drive.

True, when impaired you think “Oh I will make it home.” But if you say “No” to that idea then this is worth the price.

And we used this at a few parties. It as interesting how it turned into a game, but when some people tried to leave the others said “No you don’t, you blew a 1.4” and stopped the drunks from leaving.

It’s a fun game because most people are surprised at how drunk they are.

Totally worth it IMHO. Heck, my $300 model was worth the price.