BACtrack Select S50 Breathalyzer


Me too-been here for hours-still waiting for something worth buying

Can they do that with a wine woot off?

Is there some way to tell on this message page how the sales are progressing? We need the yellow bar at the top of each page, eh?

Includes a wrist strap for when you are too drunk to keep from dropping it! Great!



Elegant ruby-red, huh? Sounds like code for “the same red LED displays alarm clocks have been using for decades”. :stuck_out_tongue:

For free, no less.

Holy Cow!

The midwest must have a serious DWI problem.


I might be ridiculously immature, but these things are great for drinking games. Plus then it’s easier to determine the DD.

You ARE new here, huh? lol

Not, Next

pairs nicely with the offer at wine.woot

Just started. You only missed something if you didn’t buy a breathalyzer.

Will this work on a Mac?

I didn’t even know they made breathalyzers for public use…

As a LEO, I can tell you these are crap. They get people into tough situations because their PBT is not calibrated correctly and gives them a much lower BAC reading than what it really is. For someone about to drive home drunk, this enables them to think what they are doing is safe and legal. However, it can lead to traffic collisions and fatalities. This items should be removed… and the bag of crap next…

In for 1! This should be good for my next drinking contest. It’s not who drink the most, it’s how drunk are you! Now I will always know!

Bac machines have to be calibrated for them to even bee somewhat accurate right…I think with nitrogen?