Bad Breath

Give me my Baggie o crap shirt

Oh, this could be fun. Too bad I need sleep, and have to work somewhere along the lines…although even though the internet is banned at work, I think I’m going to be checking in off and on all day insertevillaughhere

Yay shirt-off! Yay purple AA!

American Apperal!

The lack of writeups will make me a sadfox for the duration of the WootShirtOff. :<

I wonder what the story behind the burn victim here is.

Get a shirt on from the shirt-off!

ok what’s a woot off?

If this is a sign of things to come, it could get interesting. :slight_smile:

And expensive. :frowning:

And we’re off…with hygiene hints

Very happy to see AA back! Please have more colors than orange and eggplant…

Also, thank you for advertising this Woot-Off in advance. I planned on staying up tonight for it :slight_smile:

Appears we are off to a slow start.



Yay for purple! Now for a design I’d actually wear… Hope it happens at least once.

No kids’ sizes available? My daughter would love this one.

So, my first “Shirt off”. Is this time or qty based? Cause at 7 sold, I already smell wootoff killer LOL. But hella glad for AA. Guess I’m not sleeping much tonight.

Since its AA, check the ladies sizes. They’re pretty small and will work for some kids.

time-based :wink: we’re still working out the kinks with the status bar

My first, also. I’m hoping it’s time based, because this shirt will be up all night, otherwise. I was planning on staying up, a while, but maybe not.

A Woot-off of shirts!! (“Shirt-off” just doesn’t seem right)
What fun!!!
(Well, not so much fun for my credit card!!!)