Bad Breath

How much time per shirt? Need to set an alarm to check through the night.

See those flashing yellow lights? There’s a link right next to them that explains a Woot Off. Lots of stuff all day. Keep coming back, or refresh. Do beware. You’ll be tempted… sooner or later.

The origin of the term “dragon breath.”

it’s a myyyyyysteryyyyy

More likely…


Keep the AAs coming, and I’ll stay up all night!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

looks like 20 mins, unless they change up the times

Okay, this is getting boring… Will it be one shirt every 30 minutes?

13 sales - probably will arrive DTG. No big deal so long as they actually get the colors correct. :tongue:

(Since I wasn’t first or last, my odds should be better that it comes out fine.)

Do they really print them in order?

No, but I seem to be cursed; see my recent post in QC. And my last one. And the one before that. And the one prior to that too. And it’s probable the one before that that that one was a first or last too.

ETA: Indeed! :frowning: