Bad Brothers MaTaCa Argentinean Red Blend (6)

Bad Brothers MaTaCa Argentinean Red Blend 6-Pack
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2015 Bad Brothers MaTaCa Red Blend, Calchaqui Valley, Argentina

Any Grape Debaters/Rats? The wine sounds very interesting, but I am up to my eyeballs in wine!! Wondering if anyone has had this?

OK, we got the golden ticket and received a bottle for the purpose of sharing some info on the wine.

Pretty dark in color
The nose is pretty full with a touch of alcohol, with oak and caramel.
See the combination of Argentinian and Napa with both bold and balanced.
The tannat grape is taking the bomb out of the fruit. Pretty full body, definitely dry with medium tannins.
Plenty of plum fruit flavors with a long rich finish.

We just opened up the wine and will post some impressions again in an hour. Happy hour just began!

great, we were hoping the rat showed up! this is a fun blend. a great entre’ to Argentine wine.

Back here after an hour.

opening up has released a bit of cherry and generally smoothed things out.

Definitely getting the blend thing going on with the malbec, tannat, and cabernet. Each grape brings something to the party.

Thank you for helping notes.
Did you enjoy it?

Yes I am enjoying it but it could use some more time.

I’m tempted just because… what?


Great video. Thanks for posting.