Bad Directions

Damn you, Google Maps!

This evidence can’t be good for Google in their lawsuit over street view…

I’m not really sure about the chaos in the streets, but this could be the Zombie Apocalypse we were all waiting on.

Wow, something I voted for actually made it? Awesome. WTG Nathan.

Color of the tee is “asphalt”. Coincidence?

maybe this is why people still use mapquest?

Why must there always be consequences for my navigation searches?!?

This reminds me of sitting in the backseat watching my Mum and Pop furiously stab at locations on a map while hurtling down a road. They never could agree on exactly where we were.

Also, this is what smartpost likes to do with shipping.

You should have had a zoom in on address 345 Main Street, but show it’s on another block all together… since Google does that all the time when you zoom in on a point on the map.

Which people?

It’s raining Table Tennis bats.

I’m going to be using Google Maps alot more now :wink:

Damn, this was a tighter vote than I expected.

Only eleven more votes would’ve printed “NightLife”.

Ah well. Congrats on the print!

Hey! I can see my saved maps from here!

“Google Maps is the best!”
“True that!”
“Double true!”

-Lazy Sunday

Just when Google Maps made the premise to all those ‘lost in the wilderness except I still have a cell phone’ horror movies obsolete; they went and stole the idea for themselves! Talk about getting kicked while your down.

But…the GPS IS awesome on my android phone… This shirt vexes me. I am terribly vexed.

Yes, I would consider multiple starting points and a different number of starting points than ending points to be very, very bad directions. Besides, the neighborhood is small enough to just walk wherever you need to go anyways.

what’s that cursor doing hanging in the middle of nowhere? it should be doing some major destruction too!