Bad experience with

I just wanted to share by experience with Avoid these people, I’m not sure they’re scammers but at the very least their support sucks.

On 3/3/2011 I placed an order for and Android based tablet. The email I received with the confirmation of my order stated that I would receive a second email once the order had been shipped. Your website states that “Please Note: Steal of the Week items, are shipped on the following Monday.” This would have been 7/3/2011. On 14/03/2011 I emailed, I received a reply that my order had been shipped and I should receive it in a few days. On 15/03/2011 I replied asking for a tracking number and received no reply. On 17/03/2011 I emailed yet again and did not receive a reply. At this point I used the online help chat provided on your website, this person informed me again that the item had shipped but could not provide me with a tracking number. When I asked if he could tell me what day it had shipped the chat session “Timed Out.”

On 18/03/2011 I enlisted Woot’s help. This item was a sponsored item on I received a prompt reply from Nathan ***** at Woot and he contacted his contact at directly. This also didn’t prompt any reply from them, so I created a Paypal dispute. Again no reply.

Today, 22/03/2011, nearly 3 weeks since I placed my order, I again contacted them via the online help. Again when I asked for a tracking number the session “Timed Out.”

At this point I feel that is a fraudulent website and feel compelled to share my story with the facebook and Woot Communities as well as the 50 000 members of who will also share my story. As we have seen in recent times social media has great power.