Bad Idea

Bad idea because its giving me the finger?

After reading the blurb, that’s apparently intentional…

“Miss Jones, take a letter.”
“Yes, Mr. Edison.”
" ‘Dear Nikola…’ "

Bad idea to use the finger

Ya coulda just had a thumbs down and accomplished the same thing


how rude! Hehehe :slight_smile:

this is so adorable :smile: i love rude shirts and pins, and this one does such a nice job of integrating it into the design, and not falling back on text to explain the joke/pun. (and as a bonus i always get to read great comments on them when they show up on woot bc apparently it’s supposed to be mr. rogers neighborhood around here now lol.)

Might this also be a message about the light bulbs listed on the front page deal?

He’s just pissed we moved to LED.