Bad Moon Rising

Sleepy Hollow episode ends. I check shirt.woot. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So cool. Well, smoldering is a better description, but oh wow, what colors.

Awesome derby voter turnout! 18 shirts have more votes than last week’s #1 print.

Stick around people. You make the derbies more fun.

Halloween would not be complete without a new Patrickspens designed shirt. Love it!

Any chance this will be sold as a hoodie? I would LOVE it as a pullover. Good for end of october, too… tends to be chilly.

Congrats Patrick, fantastic execution of a well-timed, super Hallowooty design.

I think I’ve carved this image on a pumpkin or two.

Unfortunately, the Headless horseman is now trapped in Pandora’s Box. Hopefully he’ll ride again by Halloween.

I want this a a poster. It’s a great piece.

I’m glad this one won. Great design.

I would definitely be ordering this IF it had longsleeves

Voted for this one in hopes it would come in a sweater or long sleeves!

The timing alone on this shirt is perfect with the blood moon and cool sleepy hollow show!Congrats patrick! Can’t wait till payday so I can scoop one of these up.

Me too! I did that as last years carving.

I kike it!

Woot, get the group together though and do something unique for once and do it today (and tomorrow). This is a themed shirt good for October, and the company that puts this stuff together for you has lots of sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts in BLACK in stock.

So let’s just think it through, put in a phone call and tell them to get ready to screen print some extras. We know you’ll charge us an extra $10-$15 for them…but it needs to be done.

Oh, and send me an email letting me know it is time to buy. Thanks - Woody

The necklace cracked. I think his energy was absorbed. Buh bye Abraham.

Ok shirt artists here. I want a pumpkin shirt that rides on the mini keg that is my belly, heck, make it a jack o lantern. It’d be fun.

Hey! Spoiler alert for Sleepy Hollow viewers-fellow Wooters!!! Lol. I, alas- did not check before midnigh on the 2nd, sigh. But- I ordered it today.