Bad News Bear

Wow. I’d watch CNN much more often if it was like that.

That’s one bad rug he’s sporting.


With Katie Couric leaving the CBS Evening News, I would definitely vote for this guy as her replacement.

Where’s the news on the location of the missing picnic basket?

Not bad news for me, the forecast over Utah looks pretty good.

This shirt was ALMOST so me! I almost became a meteorology major, once upon a time. Such a fitting fit!

Judging from those canyons, it looks like the west coast had some serious earthquakes.

With all the storms hitting the Eastern Seaboard in that map, I’d be pretty angry too.

I can bearly understand what’s going on here.

A skull and crossbones storm? That looks pretty intense.

OH NO! The entire eastern United States is covered with some sort of green slime. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?

Stay classy, Yellowstone.

I do like the crosshatching on his jacket. It’s a nice design touch, and makes the bear look more professorial.


You stay classy forest.

Beat me to it.

i’d like to see billy bob try to tame that bear… <=D

oh, it’s lovely…yes, that’s the first word that came to mind + yes, I’m sticking with it. I don’t know why a scene of havoc having been wreaked on a newsroom by a news anchor is lovely, but somehow, it is. I think the subtle pink touches (and lack of sleep) have affected me.