Bad Tea Party Chat

Hello Wooters!

Bad Tea Party chat has been posted before, but I guess you could call this the official relaunch. Since the original post it has evolved into a community of shirt designers and enthusiasts who hang out to talk about shirt websites, design, and sometimes just what everyone had for lunch.

If you want to talk about shirts, post links to your contest entries, or play with our doodle screen, go for it! Everyone is welcome :slight_smile:

also dear wooters:
if you like that lovely meme last supper, you can have one all your own!!

Chat is fun. :slight_smile:

agreed :smiley:

Yay chat!

that makes 4 :smiley:




Wow, lots of new people have come around. We’d love to have some more hint hint.

i click on the link and all i see are frames with the painting at the top. may be blocked at work.

real time chat is a huge time sink anyway. forums are more my speed where i can wander in and out as work load allows.

edit: chat is probably for derby cognoscenti anyhoo, i’d be out of place.

Yeah, it doesn’t work for me at work either. I don’t even see the painting, just the frames.


Yeah, it sucks…but considering this is coming from an office that blocks freaking PhotoBucket, I’m lucky to even have access to Woot. I’ll take what I can get at work.

Every time I got on, I couldn’t log in as myself… And despite my repeated attempts with the same username/pword, I just couldn’t get re-logged in. Each time I had to get re-upped by the mods. Frustrating.

It was a nice forum though… There were always 6+ people on there chatting away.

i guess the “bad” in “bad tea party chat” modifies “tea party chat” rather than just “tea party.”

I’ve never actually logged in. I have 3 diff computers I chat on, so i show up 3 different ways depending on whether i’m at work, home or on the laptop. if you pm blu he might get it worked out for you.

You have to wear a Leather Bo Peep outfit when you log on…

dont i always?

Then you’d fit in just fine.