Badgers on Cages 358569

Badgers on Cages 358569


Its my birthday, don’t I get to the front?

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In the VOP on app and desktop before it was ever posted on the actual page… I still have no hope.

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I love the VOP


Come on VOP

I love it so much I made a 3d model of it and printed it to hold the BOC.

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In VOP when it was at 56% available…

Not gonna get one I’m sure

Cellphone app is definitely updated faster than PC. Scored!!!

…VOP hell.



Regarding my cell connection, the BOC notification just came in. And the next item is up on PC.

I know VOP is by design but it has never worked for me.

I got this one (on the app) by constantly leaving VOP and clicking buy and it worked.

Yeah… The push showed up way before the forum or desktop page refreshed. But still in VOP. Haha

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Scored by third BOC of all time! Yes, app is WAAAAYYYY early over the webpage.

I hate the app because I’m always logged out and it usually has me login for everything. This time, I logged in just before this BOC popped and I guess it liked me juuuust enough! Now, I get to wait in GREAT anticipation for my dissatisfaction! What a life . . .

Good Luck, all!

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The VOP is the true BOC

Let the VOPs begin…

So I got a BOC this morning, can my girlfriend who has the same shipping address, get one too? I always forget if it’s one per household per 31 days?

VOP at 97%. Cell app was way faster but still VOPed me. Time to wait for the next one!