Badges. We need stinkin' Badges!! [Updated]


We’ll update the images as time allows and add new ones too.

Hi there. I’m working on getting badges started up in the forums. They appear on your badges page (once enabled) and some on your user card (when someone clicks on your user name)


Below are the badges already built into the forums and a few I’ve added. Wanted to pick your brains for other Woot! exclusive badges. It needs to be something that I could easily pull names via a query. So posted their BOC doesn’t work because I’d have to go through the thread and manually collect only those that actually posted a BOC and omit those just discussing BOCs.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Name Group Color Description
Certified Getting Started Bronze Completed new user tutorial
Editor Getting Started Bronze First post edit
First Emoji Getting Started Bronze Used an emoji in a post
First Like Getting Started Bronze liked a post
First Link Getting Started Bronze Added a link to another topic
First Mention Getting Started Bronze Mentioned a user in a post
First Quote Getting Started Bronze quoted a post
First Share Getting Started Bronze Shared a post using the share button
New User of the Month* Getting Started Bronze Outstanding contributions in their first month
Reader Getting Started Bronze Read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies
Read Guidelines Getting Started Bronze Read the community guidelines
Admired Community Gold Received 5 likes on 300 posts
Crazy in Love Community Gold Used 400 likes in a day 20 times
Devotee Community Gold Visited 365 consecutive days
Empathetic Community Gold Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes
Aficionado Community Silver Visited 100 consecutive days
Anniversary Community Silver Active member for a year, posted at least once
Gives Back Community Silver Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes
Higher Love Community Silver Used 400 likes in a day 5 times
Respected Community Silver Received 2 likes on 100 posts
Appreciated Community Bronze Received 1 like on 20 posts
Enthusiast Community Bronze Visited 10 consecutive days
Out of Love Community Bronze Used 400 likes in a day
Thank You Community Bronze Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes
Welcome Community Bronze Received a like
Famous Link Posting Gold Posted an external link with 1000 clicks
Great Reply Posting Gold Received 50 likes on a reply
Great Topic Posting Gold Received 50 likes on a topic
Good Reply Posting Silver Received 25 likes on a reply
Good Topic Posting Silver Received 25 likes on a topic
Hot Link Posting Silver Posted an external link with 300 clicks
Nice Reply Posting Bronze Received 10 likes on a reply
Nice Topic Posting Bronze Received 10 likes on a topic
Popular Link Posting Bronze Posted an external link with 50 clicks
TT Happy Hour (pending) Woot! Gold or Green Posted during a TT Happy Hour
Post Mongerer (pending) Woot! Gold or Green Posted in a Post Mongerer Thread
Winner (pending)Woot! Gold or Green Won a Woot! Giveaway
Gamer (pending) Woot! Gold or Green Plays one of the games in EBW
Knit Picker (pending) Woot! Gold or Green Found a typo or error on the Woot! site

* This badge is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.

Geez, you want us to think? Not fair, TT.

I’m trying to think of the badges people use to put in their sigs on the old forus to give me ideas but right now my brain is apparently offline. I’ll give it some thought.

Yeah, I’m having trouble remembering them as well. LOL. I thought there was a thread that had them all listed but I couldn’t find it.

There was definitely a thread but I can’t find it, either. I wonder if it got lost in the transfer? I found a post referencing the thread but the link doesn’t work:

Found it!

Not sure if you can see it.

Not visible here …

Official Woot Badges

[Best Holiday Haiku]

[12 Bags of Crapmas]

[The Shill Game (Sponsored by “Betas”)

[The 2013 T-List Awards

[Pet BoC]

[A Stupid Small Shirt]

Now Highering: Woof! Copy Editor
Also given for pointing out typos in product posts.

[RogetRay’s Woot Gamer Corner

[Winner of ManHandsha’s “What’s in ManHands’ Hands Game”]

[Multiple Wins in “What’s in ManHands’ Hands Game”]

[King of “What’s in ManHands’ Hands” Game]

[Custom ManHands’ Win]

[ManHandsha’s Secret Crap Society]

[Winner of RogetRay’s “What’s in Small Hands Game”]

[Found a ThunderThighs’ BoC Link]

[CrapWord 2 BoC]

[Crapword Puzzle 3]

[Are Your Loins Girded?]

[Send a BoC to a Woot! mod and you might get a custom badge]

[Womp Womp Badge]

[ThunderThigh’s Caption This! thread]

[Leonardo Shortcaprio]

[Woot Romance Novel]

[RogetRay’s BoC GIF Hunt]

[20,000th post in ManHands’ thread]

[Gadgetbread House]]
[The GIF That Keeps On GIFFING contest entrant]

[Happy Boxing Day]

[Happy Woot Workshop Week]

[Know your Woot writers!]

[1st Place 2015 Thanksgiving Fantasy League]

[2nd Place 2015 Thanksgiving Fantasy League]

[Particpation 2015 Thanksgiving Fantasy League]

[Golden Computer Award Winner]]
[Recipient of a TT Stinker Gift]

[3 Wins in a Row in “What’s in ManHands’ Hands Game”]

[Woot PrimoDay BoC]

Unofficial Woot Badges


Often with a number, signifies BoCs purchased

[URL=]](Let’s break this up…

) The ChamPUNship WSS - if you have to ask, you’ll probably never know. Woot! 10th Anniversary Puzzle Backpack Of Crap Alternate Backpack of Crap Out-Jog The Nog BoC Woot! 10th Birthday BoC One Dumb Thing For A Buck One example Random Tool Grab Bag Bag of Shirt Crap School Crate Of Crap Bunchie Badge (Santa Sedition Mascot) Should TT send ACraigL More DSi Docks? Find WootSquatch (unofficial) in the forum and you might get a crappy surprise. Guess what keg204 is having for dinner

35x50[/img] Won daveinwarshington’s “What the Hell is in Dave’s Hands” (guest host in ManHand’s thread)

[50x50[/img] Woot sent people $.11 pizza!](


50x50[/img] For the people who just missed $.11 pizza](


Bought an item that was first sold on Woot!

Fans of Texas

Something’s on my screen

50x50[/img] Woot sold some BoCs for $100.

50x50[/img] Woot sold some BoCs for $100. “Mandy” Crap

[40x50[/img]]( Found (and bought) a Krampus Egg

[50x40[/img]]( Received something that rhymes with clayspation bloor

[50x50[/img]]( Bought a hand-made Valentine from Woot

[50x50[/img]]( Game Week Crap - Enter the Konami Code Got a 2 minute story from Woot.

[50x50[/img]]( Scored an April Fool’s Day Bidet of Crap

50x50[/img] Recipient of a fabled “Woot Letter”


An alternate Woot Letter badge, provided by ThunderThighs.


**[url=]World of Wootcrap: The Rise Of The Clans](Let’s break this up…



Betta Koi


V’Owls Golden laurels denote World of Wootcrap win.



**[url=]World Of Wootcrap: The Nogrinomicon](Let’s break this up…

The Claus Coalition The Claus Coalition

The Santa Sedition The Santa Sedition

World of Wootcrap levels (number inside shield indicates level obtained)


50x50[/img] (Highest)


**[url=]WootDunnit?](Let’s break this up…


Team D’Arby


Team Tom


Team Sky


Team D.H.



Team Hunk


Team Rihannon


Team Xenia



Team Char




Copied it above. Needs some clean up. :confused:

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That’s a trip down memory lane right there.

Maybe a badge for the “winners” of davejlives’ drawers? I’m not sure if you want badges for a lot of this or if you are thinking more narrow.


I noticed that this went live temporarily last week, and I quickly earned some more badges from the list.

(Unfortunately I by mistake closed the tab with the badges the following day, so I couldn’t get screenshots.)

Nice to see that it wasn’t a complete mistake.

Shame that I’ll never earn the badges requiring giving out likes or the badge for visiting on 365 consecutive days.


First confirmed kill
Owns a Woot vaccum cleaner
Made someone quit Woot
Can quote @notmatty’s book
Received a penguin from a penguin
Donated a liver to @davejlives
Knows who Mandy is
Won a giveaway
Baked Woot a cake
Visited Woot
Got a death threat from @Williamdavi


The giveaway one is already listed.

I feel like some of those will be nearly impossible for people to get.

And how would one prove that they received a penguin from a penguin?

You’d think an undercover penguin would know.

And think of them as goals.


An employee, or a forum member?

I didn’t think it mattered.

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There should be a special badge for whomever is the one to get @ThunderThighs to not only leave Woot, but never visit the forums again.



I’m trying my hardest to be good right now.

How about from a cat?


Cats send pieces of dead animals.
Which is fine if you’re into that.

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[quote=“pepper114, post:18, topic:702853, full:true”]

I’ve never received pieces of dead animals from @Narfcake