Bag o' Crap #2+2: Washy

Finally in for an April Fool’s BoC, after missing at least 3 of them today!!! Thanks Woot!!!

Woohoo! Thank you Woot! Will there be any letters this time ThunderThighs? Would love to get one after all these years.

Wow. How lucky can I be? Just happened to look and there it was!

There will!

Seems to be up a while this time


In for some disappointment!

Finally got one! People must have given up and went to spend time with their loved ones.


*not really

Mwahahahaha! You little elusive Bag… You cannot hide from me!

I’m getting pretty good at this! :slight_smile:

Stumbled right into a pile of it this time! Boom! Got me a Bucket of Croutons!

It’s not even blinking yet!

TT - How long has it taken for the slowest BOC to sell out today?

Woot! Just opened my outhouse today and already have another round of disappointment on the way.

More Bidet Crap! Nice to know that I could have gotten this one too, but my wife and I both got ours from the Bidet-Squatch.

That one actually timed out before selling out!

Got one but I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

I saw nothing on the main page. Only found that this BOC is still available when I came in the forum. Tricky!

I haven’t kept track but the squatch ones always sell out slower. These hidden ones are slower as well. Not like the ones in a woot-off that go in seconds.

It’s not. :tongue:

I’ve been getting notifications all day from woot stalker for bags of crap but kept getting the bidet. I thought woot stalker was playing a cruel April fools joke on me! Finally found the hidden bag this evening! Yay! Scored my second bag of cap ever.

I was amazed that the Bidet Squatch crap a few hours ago actually timed out rather than selling out.