Bag o' Crap elvetwa- stinkers!

Bag o’ Crap elvetwa- stinkers!
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 13 to Wednesday, Dec 14) + transit
Condition: Crappier


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Whoooo second one this year! Can’t wait for some more crap!

I was all over that and still missed it!

3rd trip to the VOP. I’m almost as crappy as the crap.

Got one!!! Finally!!! my day just got better, I won’t even mind the horrific traffic going home. YAY!!! SSR for others.

Sigh, so much vestibule

woooooooo!!! even though I got screwed outta one earlier since my shipping info was missing from woot, just got one!!! Hopefully the old lady can get one as well!!!

What – there were 12 BOCs? ;-j
Oh well, that’s how it’s played - 'specially when the suckers come up this often. On for the next one. (this is really a nasty woot-off tactic TT!)

Uhh another visit in the vestibule… Meh.

The Vestibule Of Patience is my own personal hell…

OK I must be missing something today, are the Woot Gods punishing me for something? Whatever it was Woot Gods I’m sorry PLEASEEEEEE let me get a BOC

I signed in seconds before it appeared! Thought I had it…


Good lord I was on that thing fast. And it was already 74% left when I got on the page. People must be upping their game lately.

Oh, and I missed it.

And God said, “Let there be crap!” He willed it, and at once there was crap. WOOT!!! Got mine!

VOP for way too long . . . sadly, NADA!!!

maybe next one. If there is a next one.

A girl could dream.

tried to order like lacrosse techonlogy dont work ha ha this stinks

well that was the 8th time in the Waiting room… all i got was crap… not even in the bag.

I think this one must have sold out in like 20-30 seconds