Bag O' Crap III


Welcome to the Bag O’ Crap III topic page for this product on Tuesday, November 9th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for crap here.


Where in the WOOT am I? CRAP!!!


first? who cares


That was early!!!


yes! been waiting for this for weeks!!


wtf mate?


bag o crap!!! yeah!


Woohoo! My first bag o’crap! Hope it’s good! But who cares for a dollar, lol.



What in the crap is this anyway?

Hi Mr. Larry and Otto



Bag o crap and Im completely broke.

Haven’t gotten to buy any woot since July.

But, got a job interview tommorrow!


yay! crap! page1 !!!


What in the crap? I get this crap when I try to buy crap!!
We are sorry, but an error has occurred.
We will be sure to give our web developers
a swift kick in the butt and a pay cut.

Click here to go back to the previous page. :shock:


Im in for 3!!!


what’s that for


Dell Speakers? Oh that would be so nice…


woot! n43 :smiley: I hope I gets me something more than a charge it brick…since woot! still owes me three of them. :lol:


Its about time! I hope I get a [size=18:2ac2588e5c]Robosapien[/size:2ac2588e5c] so I can smash it to bits!


in for 3 craps … hope they remember my 3 battery \ charge-it packs from the RC F1 deal … WOOT !


I’m gettin the same error message… dammit i want my bag of crap!


Dung beetles, rejoice!!!