Bag o' Crap Issues (5/25 Woot-Off)

Hi all, we realize that people have been receiving order confirmations for BOCs, only to then receive cancellation emails.

This is an issue we are working on currently and we hope to reach out to affected customers within 24 hours.

Sorry for the crappy (no pun intended) experience.

We hate to disappoint your disappointment.

Update: Hey there. We’re still working on this. There’s a lot to go through. We’ve got a long weekend ahead so please bear with us. You will hear from us next week.


Woot woot! Either way
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So, is it possible that we actually won one of the ‘cancellation’? I’ve tried twice today, both times it seemed to process the payment, then auto cancelled on me. I mean, the 2nd time, I clicked buy as soon as the woot off refreshed, it quickly put me through to payment (I was already logged in) selected pay and it hung for min, then said success and then cancellation. Please tell me I have a chance at actually getting a BOC, been tryin forever.


Can that be changed to “We hate to disappoint your disappointment with something more disappointing than crap”?


The social experiment continues.

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Its bad woot…i tried everything…not a fair playing field


And it keeps showing ordered so I tried again and said I can only have 1 BOC, wth. Either ots canceled and I can try again or am.i getting one. I dontknow why I even bother at this point.


Its funny how the bots get them. Just excuses.


GTFOH woot. Just excuses.

It’s an SCAM that should be reported to the


Neither you are I have a fair chance of getting one. Mine was fully paid for and they still canceled it.


Yeah its not the right time for them to be sarcastis to their customers.


I am not a bot, I got one


I feel like you’re not wrong. I don’t use bots and try and be a legit user but apparently doing that means you never get a BoC from what I can see.


Ok. Stuff happens.



Just so you are aware, as long as I’ve been on Woot which is more than a decade there have been no bots getting products. If you go over to where people post their BOCs, you will see it’s regular users. It’s just a matter of server issue combined with connection issues combined with how quick you can hit a button, plus how many browser windows or devices you have to use. A lot of people use their phone and a computer browser at the same time. Yes it’s gaming the system, but when the system has issues then people are going to do what they need to do to get what they want. Yes I’ve worked in IT before for the military, but I can’t even express the level of frustration that the workers for Woot are having to deal with with the servers with the older system integration working.

Yes it’s frustrating. Everyone knows that to include those of us that have been on Woot for a while as well as the company. But there’s only so much that can be done when you have a limited number of products to sell and literally a thousand people clicking madly to get to it. Think of a funnel to going into a small bottle that people are flooding so much that it can’t suck down the contents fast enough. It’s going to bind up. It’s just a factor of the internet and the fact that this is not a regular retail site because there’s a certain amount of auction factor to it like eBay.

All I can say, with years of experience with this company as a buyer, is that there’s nothing nefarious going on and a lot of the workers are just as frustrated as we are if not more because they have to deal with the problems at their company plus us being frustrated with them and complaining to them. There’s been people on here for years that have gone without getting a BOC, then finally get one. There’s others that, whether they gamed the system or not, have been able to get multiple ones.

As far as the sarcasm goes, you either accept it or you don’t. That is part of Woot or other sites that are similar. It’s just a character that they’re playing. I just suggest don’t getting too wound up in the small stuff. Think of it as you saving money, because maybe you could have got the BOC that was actually crap. Just my thoughts on the matter.


Thnx for the event.
You gave retirees something to do.
In a perverse kind of way.
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Got some work to do here. This was a first after many years and has me questioning why I wasted my time. I never mind losing fair but today was just not right.


3 BOC cancellations in one day hurts


No BOC this time many next time I will get lucky.
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