Bag o' Crap IX

Bag o’ Crap IX
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 13 to Wednesday, Dec 14) + transit
Condition: Extremely crappy


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Woohoo! Somehow snagged one! This one went fast.

so many opportunities…

So not eligible…

I hereby withdraw my previous post/complaint. Bag scored. HAIL WOOT!!!


Got it!!

Was already sold out when it finally showed on the front page lmao.


Damn it


BLAST!! Oh for two!!!

Holy Jebus… that one was fast, too. I got one earlier, so I was just looking… but cripes. Before I could click the link it was gone.

Looks like my effort paid off, no BOC all moring, but now I have one!


Lol I thought I would stay away today and work. Ended up getting a BOC!!! FML!

Dang sign in. I missed it by this much…

Got it!

Got one! Time to see what everyone in my house is going to be disappointed about on Christmas morning!

What a crock of shit. Amazon sign-in took too long and it got snagged from my cart.