Bag o' Crap: Plump Donut

Bag o' Crap: Plump Donut

Get it.

I knew they’d throw one up at 5. in the VOP currently

HEY, I thought we were still on the 5 day July BOC break?!?!?

I got one via twitter. Wonder if it’ll be more or less crappy than the Prime Exclusive ones. Or the birthday ones, for that matter.

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Too bad I got one the other day. This was easy pickings

Not that easy.

Crap is crap. Unless we say otherwise, they’re all the same quanity. DIsappointing.


VOP, why do you tease me so

I take that back. Finally got my first!

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I was in the vestibule and it ACTUALLY went through. I was SHOCKED!!!


:wink: told you

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Congratulations! Condolences!


But I want your crap.

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Button is still active. Did the website forget to break down?


Shhh! Then the mothership will take away more server resources from Woot!

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Yeah, what’s up with that? Button still active but I’m still in VOP. Did they post a million of these?

I’m so confused. How long is it going to stay up while i’m sitting in the VOP?