Bag o' Crap sdssksjfd

I was able to snag the 1st one. yay! However, my cat has not been so lucky today. He keeps trying though


will there be LE BOCs during today’s woot-off? just wondering…


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Yah, sadly I did wait until the order was removed from my cart.

Also, thanks for the info! I was wondering how it worked on your end and what separates it from a traditional wait list. sounds like a smart plan to prevent the crashes of old. I appreciate the new knowledge! :slight_smile:


Silly me, I hit F5 one more time after it appeared… reflexes. :frowning:

It actually did move me from the VOP to the order page with golden button, but never brought up payment info. :frowning:


Dang! Dang! Dang!

I am destined NOT to get a BOC today. For the second time I was watching the sales stat on the previous item go down, logged out and logged back in, hit F5 as soon as it sold out, the BOC starting loading, and…

My boss walked in with a cup of coffee to chat.



I hear ya. Stupid bosses and jobs keep getting in the way of more important stuff!


Keep your Amazon login safe. They sell catnip there, y’know.


Clicked want one with 98% left, clicked order, vestibuled. Vestibule finally rolled over to page that says “too bad”. So after all that trying to crap, only farted I suppose.


I ended up in the vestibule as well, and I have no Rocky or Han DNA, so it sold out.

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9 VOPs in 4 days and no luck yet
Waaaaaaaahhh! :sob::sob::sob:
Ima keep trying, though

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Unfortunately no. I asked yesterday and @ThunderThighs confirmed. LE BOC’s were just for Black Friday.


How’d I miss this??? I was like lightening fast!

They always are. :slight_smile:


BOC Rules, 1 per person, but what about per address? My wife is mad I got one before her… lol Can she still get one or no?

All I’ll say is that if it looks like it was purchased by the same person, I’m canceling one. I don’t go solely by address.

That’s what I thought. She should be good then, Has her own account for the last 10 years or so and uses it.

Not sure on my side, my wife has had acct since 2013 and exactly one order, a BOC in 2014. She keeps trying though. I already got one with my account so not sure how my wife’s order would go over with TT… (If she could get one…lol. She has the worst luck.)

I got in on a woot holiday 2018 limited edition boc…does this put me on a 31 day limit?