Bag o' Crap X

Bag o’ Crap X
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 13 to Wednesday, Dec 14) + transit
Condition: Extraordinarily Crappy


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Under 40 seconds. Not bad… lol

Missed em. That’s what I get for conversing with a coworker.


And its gone. Got some error webpage

Wait… I think… I just… I… I got one.

Finally got one!

Can not believe I got one, I have been trying all day!!! So excited for the crappy box to come :slight_smile:

ugh! I missed it!!!

missed by a hair on my chinny chin chin

I’ve seen 4 today I think and was always too late. Got one this time though!

Was this back to back? OMGoodness! I missed and was immediately on refresh! UGH!

I was in the waiting room and then didn’t get crap.

I saw that crap too!!

Man I need to win one so I can get back to work!

Ugh! I’ve missed five BOC’s today by mere seconds!! And I’ve never seen back-to-back bags of crap. You’re killing me!!

Uhhh vestibule… I despise you😢

signed in and requested at 100%. Took so long to load page and they were gone

Arghgh… I missed the back to back BOC… like so many others…

My dissappointment can only be lessened with crap…which leads to more disappointment, but at least I paid for it…