Bag o' Crap ZDEYGw435

I have spent way too much time trying to get one of these. Not sure how others have won multiple. Totally frustrated…

Hi there. Frustration kinda goes with the BOC. A lotta luck is involved and being there at the right time.

Hang in there.

Spent an entire 24 hour period last time with no luck. Have family and life to take care of. Great idea just can’t justify spending all night on the computer waiting for another…

LOL so wootbot help out here!?

Wootstalker might help you.

Though if you’re busy taking care of like, it might not.

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Too bad I’m on my 31-day restriction :frowning:

The clearance page seems to be showing items before Wootstalker. So anyone with a life is out of luck.

yeah, i noticed that too.


I’m feeling cheated. While my order is still standing, I’m no longer the last buyer.

Awww. Sometimes it takes the server a while to catch up with things.

me too… stupid rules!

At least I have a screenshot.

But meh. I was hoping that there was finally an item where I was the final wooter.

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Meanwhile, I’m still last sucker on this design

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I missed this BOC thanks to Amazon deciding now would be a perfect time to change my password! Dammit Amazon!

If it makes you feel better, this B0C was 13 hours ago.

I was thinking the same.

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Ah I thought one popped up about 5 mins ago. NM :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I am ready for the next one now.