Bag O Crap

How do I get one??? Someone please explain it to me, slowly. Pretend like I’m stupid…

I’m stupid :frowning:

It shows up, usually durning woot offs. Sometimes it is the daily woot.

You hit I WANT ONE

You hope it goes through.

Sometimes it is just a normal order process.
Sometimes there is a trick and you need to figure it out. There is a coupon code you need to enter. The clue would be in the writeup.

Either way, it is a crap shoot. Even if you hit I WANT ONE as soon as it comes up, you can still not get it.

Even if you get it, lots of times it is just crap! Nothing good.
Sometimes you get useful stuff.
Every once in a while there is something really great, like a large TV.

Basically it is a big gamble.
Did you get to the end of the order process? Then you won!

You will have a tracking # and get to watch it wander across the country. That is fun.

Finally you get it!

Just remember, you bought a bag of crap (< filter for c r a p) and sometimes it truly is.
But at least you can read what everyone else got and griped about!

People have been here years and not been able to get one.
There seems to be a million ways for the order to not go through!

Good Luck!