Bag of Crap...crappy

Got tires of seeking for crap bags all freaking day today. Never found one. Previously have never bought one. I am kind of crapped out looking for crap. I will never seek out Woot crap again.

Well, ok. I mean that’s your choice. Of course, July is our 15th birthday. Could be some big and fun stuff going on.

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More $50 B0Cs hopefully. :slight_smile:

I hope not.

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I’m only interested in the penguinshirtwoot penguin plushies anyways.

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That’s a lot of money for just that.

I never said I’d be the one to buy the $50 B0C…

Oh, and I also like some of the Woot branded items.

I wonder if I can find somebody who bought it previously who would sell the stuff to me in an attempt to recoup some of their money.

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And I never asked you if you would be the one buying it.

Fair enough.


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I’m flabbergasted.

What’s the difference between the 50 and 10 dollar BOCs? Any change in quality or items?

You get to pay Woot another $40 for more of their garbage.

Quantities for each listing are less than a regular B0C.

Here’s a link to one of the listings from the end of 2018:

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The $50 bags came with one big item plus some other stuff. I got one both times they’ve been offered and received nice headphones each time. I kept the first part and sold the second for $30 more than I paid for the bag. There was also Woot-branded items and some random stuff.

That said, who knows what they’ll do next time. I hope there will be some new Woot-branded stuff. The last two $50 bags had the same stuff each time.