Bage Off Crizzap


I was curious to know, from those of you who have received a BoC, what yall got and how it has influenced you in your everyday life?




First one, terrific laptop bag (in those days, those were the bags), a Robosapien, a puck, assorted junk. The next three, assorted junk, although the grandkids are happy with the CD players. Disappointed I never got lucky enough to have a screaming monkey.


CD Players? That aint crap!


Portable that had been returned to Target for some reason. Worked fine.


Toon confirmed that someone did get a 61" TV on that radio interview he did.


Probably FenStar.


I am now to be known as the CRAPMISTER!



OK, are you a woot spy? Code slave? Toon? Matthew? What is the deal?


I was watching woot via IR from my satilite. There was a lot of comotion.
I do hope somday I’m rich evough to do fun stuff like that…


I think we all do


When the heck is the next Woot off? any predictions?


Please tell me that the B-A-G of C-R-A-P comes in a ratty brown bag as pictured with the question mark on it?


For all those who are curious Bafoon said he received this:

1 fake leather brief case thingy
2 Lego-type toy sets
1 stuffed Panda
1 toy machine gun
4 Anne Geddes 2006 calendars (which I gave away to four people in my office, rather than return them to Wal-Mart for the slightly more than $8 each that they were price tagged. Yes, some people did reportedly return those for $$$ in Wal-Mart store credit.)
A Virgin (brand name, not purity standard) personal CD player

Was it worth 8 bucks? Sure. Would I have spent 8 bucks buying those items? Probably not. Was the anticipation worth it? Undoubtedly.


Well, yeah, the anticipation is the whole thing. That and reading the thread as people start getting theirs and knowing yours is on the way.


How long does it take?


Depends on where you live. The farther from Texas, the longer it takes.


And that’s a bad thing, poof?


Nope, just a fact of life.


ooo i see