Bags! Bags! Bags! BAAAAAGS!

Measure your torso size. These bags are good value but for small and medium sizes only. Im 5’10" and my torso is 23" which is 3 inches bigger than their large size (which isnt available anyway)

So, when Woot had the sale on the Sierra Designs Revival 50 ( I was hard pressed to find any reviews or comments about the company or the pack. But, I was needing a good weekend pack and some videos I saw on the suspension system piqued my interest so I invested in one.

So far, don’t regret a single dime. It’s extremely comfortable on long hikes, has ample room and the material the pack is made of is high quality.

Now, it’s not the same as the Feather 25’s that are on sale right now. But, I can safely say, that it looks like it has the same material/comfort level as the pack I own and I’m very happy with my purchase. If I was in the market for a day pack I would snag one of these in a heart beat.

And, if you guys need a review, here is one I found on youtube.

Not Crappy enough for me. Pass.