Bags For Kids (Not Kid-Bags)



Bags for all occasions. Reviews welcome!


Official video for info on The Kiddy adventure pack:

Plus, it seems to have great reviews on Amazon too…

Seems pretty good…


I got the backpack/lunch bag combos - really like them. They smell a bit when new, but air out fine. The adjustable straps are so long that even when tightened all the way they are too loose for my averaged sized 2 1/2 yr old. I fixed this on my won sewing machine. They will adjust to fit most adults though - so that may be nice if you plan to carry the bag. I also go the itsy ritz wet bag & love them. Will probably pick up a few more - make great gifts too. I use mien mostly for packing shampoos & conditioners when traveling. I keep one in the car for “in case” but I happily do not need them often for that. BRILLIANT baby gift though.