Bags made BY Puma, not FOR Pumas

Do you have a Puma bag? Tell us about it!

What do you mean they’re not for pumas? How else am I to convince the guys at the airport that a mountain lion will fit in the overhead bin?

i do and it’s great as a carry on. it’s a heavy canvas though, but i like it a lot. mine doesn’t have all the fancy pockets inside either.

Is the big puma logo on both sides of the purple grip bag, or just one?

According to their website, the logo’s on the “front”, so I’m going to assume that it’s just on one side.

what size laptop can the Blueprint Skate Backpack fit?

At least they’re not made FROM Pumas…

Will it hold a snowboard in front?

Thank you, miken927. I was wondering.

I used to love Puma, but I can’t buy their products now that a major boycott is forming over the 3 garment factory workers shot in Cambodia.

At a peaceful protest over low wages and unsafe working conditions, 3 women were shot. There were multiple witnesses and the guy - a gov’t official - confessed to the shootings, but the Cambodian gov’t says they have dropped all charges. This sort of thing happens a lot in Cambodia, and Puma continues doing business there.

So just FYI if you care about the real human cost of making the stuff you wear and use. As for me, I’d rather pay a bit more rather than wear the blood of what are, by any reasonable definition, slaves with no rights or protections.

It doesn’t look like you buy much of anything on this website.

As long as you have bindings installed, yes. The straps need to catch on something.

Was thinking about a new backpack but you can find the skate bag on puma’s site for 24$