Baha, I has Nets too!
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Show your shirt.woot spirit and Post Pictures of your Shirt!

Awesome! Congratulations on placing, Cho.

wtg james.
i missed your sea critters :wink:

congrats on the print

I’m gonna go broke. Got me one! YAY! :wink:

Woohoo, this one is hilarious. A deserving place for this one!

Baha, I has first sucker too!

2 down, one to go.

not this time but very nice design though.

Heh, humorous and straight to the point! Cheers on making this print come to life!

AWesome! me likey

Yes! For the first time in months, my favorite 2 shirts of the derby got printed! And in 1st and 2nd! Woot! :slight_smile:

Grats on the print again Cho!!! Love it :slight_smile:


great detail on the octopussy though

i bought one, because i have a decidedly nautical theme going on with my shirts, and by golly don’tcha know this shirt really fits in yes sir gosh darn it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really like the color, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for Fog.

Congratulations James! Welcome back to the derby! Great looking design.

I feel like i’ve seen this before… but i still love it

lol that funny

in for 1, but am worried about how it will print.

Refreshed screen at 12:00.00, saw this shirt up, tried to be first sucker but darn it, I was logged out. Great shirt, in for one despite personal ban on shirts.woot unless a really, really good one comes up. This one qualifies, got me one!