Baha, I has Nets too!

So, eL_LOL-Cats have become a constant feature of the Web. Does this mean that eL_LOL-Octupussies (gack! what an ugly pun!) are next?

Hooray for Alftuba for giving me the strength and inspiration to go on!

Awesome shirt! Love the design and love that it’s both artistic and wearable.

i like it! i bought it!
just uhh… thought i’d let you all know. kudos to the artist.
oh, and i’m typing on my woot off light up LED keyboard, thanks again woot!!

Congrats, James! In for one, of course. Please don’t leave us again. :frowning:

Funny thing is… I checked to see what shirt was on shirt.woot at the same time as I am watching two shows… one after the other on Discovery channel, " Colossal Squid" and “Giant Squid”. lol

That is awesome.

very nice. i’ve actually put a moratorium on t-shirt buying, but i broke my rule for this one.

in for 1 awesome design.

Very much tempted, but will wait and hope for Sokowa’s fog…

Congratulations and welcome back, Capt Jimmy!

I ordered this shirt while wearing another woot shirt. Creepy.


your sig image rocks :slight_smile:

Yay! congrats james. :slight_smile:

received my first shirt in the mail today … looks good… one question to those that have had shirt.woot shirts for let’s say … 6 months.

the shirts seem kind of “thin” on material …
worried about durability
Any shirt.woot’ers wanna tell me how long these shirts are lasting without major issues?

ps . kewl shirt but i’ve bought three this week gonna have to pass :frowning: worthy of 15 $ if i decide later on!

That’s not an L**OL Octopussy, this is an LO**L Octopussy.

Congratulations James. Great to have you back in the swing of things.

I’ve had no problem with durability at all. My oldest shirt is almost a year old and still going strong. :slight_smile: I did receive a shirt in a random that had a hole in the shoulder, though. But I just thought it went with the territory of paying less than $7.00 per shirt.

love the shirt
in for 2 for me and a buddy :slight_smile:

i like, but i have TOO MANY shirts right now!
need to pare down the stack, then i’ll look for more

Great detail - love this shirt! Congratulations on the print.

Not to worry, houseman. DH has worn these shirts while working outside and literally got salt stains on them(!), and they wash as good as new. Shirts are soft and comfortable and the designs don’t fade. We used to get all his shirts at Wal-Mart and we switched to these.

I like it, but Im wondering how it will look on a shirt. That ugly cartoon shirt woot has been using really kills the impression I’m getting from the actual image that will be printed. Woot, you guys really need to use a real shirt template for shirt.woot