Bake It So!



Woo, it’s a cookin’ double-take sweep!


Bake me up, Scotty?


I just peed my pants!


Oh god, yes, oh god, thank you! weeping

Btw, this went viral on my facebook today:]


This looks propaganda-like. There must be a sinister, evil message hidden in there somewhere.


Mine, mine, mine!!!

Now, I’ll hope for an apron one of these days.


To resist purchasing this is futile.


cue the endless stream of highly original people demanding aprons …


So glad this isn’t on a red shirt.


yesss first sucker!!




Was there some legal reason behind the fact that he looks nothing like Picard?


There are FOUR pies!


All of that looks delicious and too good to be true…


Best. Woot. Shirt. Evar.

I just wish it came in an apron, that would rock so hard.


More like, “Bake me up, Biscotti.” Hahaha ;D


Oh, this is a Star Trek shirt? Okay. It makes more sense when it’s a reference. I still don’t get it, but at least now I know it means something.


Feels like a triple-take sweep! Not sure if they’ll leave it that way with the Editor’s choices or not lol!

Good job cooking derby!

Glad to see this one squeak in! People seemed to really like it both times.


But doesn’t he have to just go up to a replicator and say something like “Cookies. Chocolate chip. Warm.”