Baker's Secret 8-Piece Bakeware Set



Woot! needs some in-house bakers to help the photographer out - only so many ways you can snap a pics of empty pans.


Why is the medium cookie sheet the same size as the large cookie sheet???


Yep, that’s a booboo. We didn’t get a sample in so they’ll have to call the vendor. It’s going to be morning to get a correct measurement.


UPDATE: here you go.

Large Cookie-18.75x11.75x0.75


I wonder how these compare in quality to the Cusinart bakeware set I ordered from Woot a month ago and never received.


I suppose someone somewhere wants an 8-inch cake pan instead of a 9-inch cake pan, but I can’t think of why.


Ouch. Sorry about that. Did it get canceled or was it a shipping issue? You’ve been in contact with Customer Service?


Was $39.99 before being out of stock (poor wording before, edited to correct what Ms. Thighness noted):

$24.99 tonight here.

The product website doesn’t seem to have the products put together as a set?


It’s in the store but out of stock:


Sorry, poor choice of words, I should have quoted out of stock. I’m dead, good night TT. Couldn’t find much. I’ll update above as my last thing.


I made a special doll cake for a birthday and needed both 8in and 9in pans. I guess it made the width of the cake dress more in line with the size of the doll.


Any idea if these pans will rust up like the cheap stuff I’ve bought at the grocery store over the years?


From experience, I believe that the “Baker’s Secret” is that it rusts easily.


I think most of my recipes ask for an eight inch or a nine inch cake pan. If it prefers 8" and you use a 9", the cake will be a little bit less tall and more wide. Cooking time may be need to be adjusted, too.


Finally, the convo turns to quality. Is this true? I’m looking for something that actually lasts, cleans easily, doesn’t add rust to my diet.


Baker’s Secret is what my mom gave me when I got my first apartment. Good to start with mainly. I burned most of my Baker’s Secret pans up in a year or so and replaced them with Wilton cake pans and cookie sheets. Me? I’d store up my 40-50% Michael’s coupons and get some of those. (I got my 9 inch pans with cake carrier for $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Well worth it.) They’ve held up well for me and make me look forward to Christmas baking.

I like the feel of the Regalware pans I’ve gotten from woot before, too. They feel like they last and I had better results with my breads on these.


What’s the past that Sylvia fears is catching up with her? Will we ever know? Did she steal bakeware or something?


I have a 6 qt pressure cooker and I can’t fit a 9 inch pan to “bake” cheesecake or other desserts.


An 8" cake pan makes a taller cake - much better looking :slight_smile: (says a wooter who is vertically challenged)


Walyworld: BakerEze 12-Piece Bakeware Set… $24.00

AND comes with 9" round cake pans (someone commented on 8" pans)