Baker's Secret 8-Piece Bakeware Set



I will have to do some research on this. My bakeware has reach the point of where it should be replaced. I found these comments on a similar set from the same manufacturer.


excellent price on this set.


This looks great except it is missing the 2 cooling racks. The Amazon link showed the set + the 2 racks, which are nice to have if you want to cool down your cookies before they get scarfed up, right ?

This is the correct link for Amazon. I ma still looking for more info.


I couldn’t find more info, except that it’s an item generally no longer available in other places. The last confirmed sale at $24.99 was at Woot.Home on Nov.12, 2012. Maybe the Wooters from that sale can feed us more info regarding the quality.
The Baker’s Secret, in general, has a very good reputation, though, so I think I will be in for one.


My teen daughter loves to bake desserts for her friends/school activities, so this would make a good birthday present for her - but where would she store it in her dorm room when she goes off to college? :frowning:


The Baker’s secret is that the stuff rusts eventually.


My grandkids thought this was neat after I gave the pieces to them. This is not for anyone serious about any baking.


You can find a little more info on the Bakers Secret Web Page,


I usually avoid non-stick and am a little neurotic about Teflon pans, but it seems these are safe, because they use silicone. Some people think I am crazy but there really have been instances of pet birds being poisoned, usually when someone forgot a pan was on the stove or fell asleep and it got super-duper hot, but still. There’s enough toxic stuff in my daughter’s world, why bring more of it into the house?

“Silicone-coated brand name cookware such as Baker’s Secret and EKCO, will not produce toxic fumes, and are considered safe. Because cookware and appliance manufacturers are not required to label their products with warnings or composition statements, contact the manufacturer if there is any question about any item that will be heated or is heat-producing.” Here’s the site where I saw that:


I’m sure she’d find a creative solution. Maybe she can try Apartment Therapy for ideas, or even our very own home.woot! :slight_smile:


Has anyone else who received their shipment discovered incomplete sets? Of the three I ordered, one is missing the loaf pan and another was missing the sheet cake pan (one set was complete). None of the boxes looked like they’d been opened, but the odds of two of three being incomplete seem pretty long. Woot, were these overstocks…or retail/manufacturer returns?


Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure about the circumstances of your order, but it sounds like you might have been shorted.

Please email into Woot Member Services at and they’ll be glad to assist you with this issue.


My first set of Baker’s Secret lasted 28 years. Why would I buy anything else? Love this set and love the price.