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Bought this a while back from Mothership. It definitely works. There’s no need for any scraping. Should be the standard that comes with the mixer but, if you’re in for the mixer, you might as well go for this.

I also bought one of these bowl scraping mixer blades awhile back. Had to throw it out after it broke. There is a reason that the regular blades are made from metal. If this one is like the one I bought, it’s made from plastic. It didn’t last long. :frowning:

I purchased one of these scraper blades when they first appeared for my KitchenAid! Love it!

The scraping blades featured here are made from really poor quality plastic and they break very easily. Do yourself a favour and buy the real deal instead.

Just an FYI re: CIA (Culinary Institute of America) equipment for anyone unfamiliar. I own quite a bit of it because I don’t think it’s possible to get anything better made … by anyone! To tell the quality … just pick up a piece. Generally very, very, expensive because of the quality of manufacture and materials. But I guarantee you’ll enjoy using it every time. It sounds weird but I love this stuff and it makes me smile everytime I use it. I told you it sounds weird!

In regards to the BeaterBlade mixing blades… I love them. My wife and I have run a bakery as a side business for 7 years and had a storefront for 3 of those. I have BeaterBlade brand blades for my 5qt and 6qt lift bowl KAs and have been using them for about 6 years. I have never had one break (they do melt if you accidentally set one too close to the stove top) nor so much as tear the rubber blade, and I only have 2 for each mixer because I can always have one clean. Excellent for cake batters and thinner mixes, I have used them for some cookie doughs but yes, if you try to mix something very stiff and sticky you can rip the blades. I have never done so, and have no idea what you have to be mixing to break the plastic. I make a lot of cake batter, and nothing in this world makes mixing faster and more thorough than one of these BeaterBlades. I was thrilled when they came out with one for my 20qt Hobart, that one is metal and the rubber scraper blades are replaceable. But chances are you dont need a mixer quite that big for day to day use. I paid about 40 bucks when they came out for my first 5 and 6qt blades, they have come down a bit on the second ones we bought to about 25/30. This is a good enough deal to grab an extra 6qt and share shipping on something else. The 5s here are only tilt head, and the two types do not interchange.

Can anyone verify if the tilt-head version fits a KSM 90 5.5 qt mixer?


Those of us not in the know on the Ceramabake products go to the mothership’s descriptions to learn why an aluminum pan has the word ceramic in its name. And learn that some of the pans are cheaper there (if you’re paying shipping on that one item here).

Better description here would be nice.

Here’s info from the product site:

The CeramaBake™ Innovative Ceramic Technology bakeware line consists of Whitford Fusion® bright white coating over aluminized steel for superior cooking performance and durability. CeramaBake™ Bakeware is suitable for all baking temperatures in addition to even heat distribution and durability thanks to its aluminized steel!

what are the actual dimensions of the Core Home Grip Back 3-Piece Small Cutting Mat Set?

Much of the CeramaBake is cheaper every day of the week at Wal*Mart. And ships free if you spend $50 ($4.97 if you don’t).

e.g. -

…over $3 on the cake pans too…