Balance on Crocodiles

Balance on Crocodiles

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Actually got this one! Good luck all!

Got it!

Bagged the BoC :slight_smile:

Was waiting for new woot off item thing, that they mentioned on twitter

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Got through to the Crocodiles BoC and faced the Dreadnaught for my LE BoC. I hope the rest of you hunters are lucky :smiley: <3

I’ve got two VOPs going now…

VOP :frowning:

First BoC attempt… first VOP :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed!


This was up so long. Looks like the crap market has been saturated.

Yay for no 31 day restriction!

Still up.

Make that one, the LE finally kicked me out.

Finally. I can move on with my life now.


Me too

missed again

First sucker!

Finally got one… What’s the wait time to get another or a special one?

0 BOC last 10 years.
2 BOC past 2 months.

Things are looking up.