Balance on Crocodiles

i had a double browser VOP that both asked me to sign in :confused:

Yeah getting BOC”s this time around seems rough last woot off I participated in I just clicked and was instantly able to buy. I miss those days.

Are we sure there are letters this time?

Woot Got me a Big Ole Caterpiller

I would have got too. But said I couldn’t because of 31 days. I thought that didn’t count this weekend??

how do you even get the LE Bride of Cthulhu on the screen? i am yet to even see it…this is the first time i have luckily gotten a Box of Chihuahas but have no clue how to even get the LE on screen…

How would you get it on the screen right now?

F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5 #pray?

No…I mean…of all the ones sold already…how would you go look at them right at this moment?

The forums is the key…look in the forum instead of the main page…it’ll show up there first.

DOH!!! outstanding, thank you!!

5.3 lb label created

Congrats on your pending DISAPPOINTMENT!

Join us in the main thread for all the fun and to post your Bag o’ Crap.