Ball Mason 4oz Quilted Jelly Jars with…

Would someone please clarify which jars are up for grabs today. The 4oz as labeled in the description or the picture which has a 12oz jar. Thank you

Is this a 4 pk or 12pk? One place says set of 12 other says 4pack…

I’m just confuzzled. It says “Set of 12” but “Collection Elite 4 pk” am I getting 12 or 4 jars? or is it 12 because its 4 jars, 4 lids, and 4 baands = 12 … but a set?? A set should be all 3. So am I getting 12 jars, 12 lids, and 12 bands??? ahh!

From amazon search:

but the picture for these is a box 4 jars across by 3 jars across—the pic in the WOOT is 2 jars across…clarification please. Thank You

I’m guessing it’s 4 jars, 4 bands, 4 lids. 4 each x 3 parts = 12.

Description changed after I ordered. Feels like a bait and switch.

I’m very sorry about that. We handled that badly. I’ll see what we’re doing about those that already purchased.

i got confused about whether it is 4 or 12

Yeah, just noticed the post has been changed and replaced with " … "

Meh oh well, I received 4, 12 would have been awesome but this is still good for the price I think.

Yup. Mine came today and I was confuzzled. I hadn’t been following the conversation here so I was still expecting 3 sets of 12 4 oz. jars. Ah, well.

I really thought I was getting quilted 4 oz jars, I’m not even disappointed so much as confused. I understood that 12 pack referred to 3 pieces per 4 jars but thought I was getting smaller quilted jars.

I got an email today that my order (for 3 sets of what I had thought were 12 jars per) has been refunded. The amount is already pending deposit in my bank.

So, thanks for stepping up, Woot!