ball of crystal

ball of crystal

AKA Disappointment!

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Snagged one!

Yeet!! Got one!

got one!

Woo hoot woot!! Got one

Woot!Woot!Woot! Actually got one…

Yay Finally

After sitting by my desk for 2 hours, I decided to start “working”.

Went to my phone a while later, and this came up.

Went straight through to checkout, even though I know that I got one on Friday and am not eligible today.



Finally! After going 0 for the previous 10!
I did finally make a purchase just before snagging this one.
Does a purchase increase your chances??? Maybe.

Gosh!! How did that happen?? Came here and saw the Ball of Crystal, clicked , went through even after I had to log in and everything. Very unusual! That scares me.

Other than finding this on the deal chatter forum, where was it?

Success!! Let the anticipation of disappointment begin anew.

Disappointing Disappointment again missed it by seconds apparently logged in just to find pushing around an empty cart again.

The disappointment and complaints feed the VOP and WootBots. Hopefully, that anguish does not follow the BOC to the destination.

They are on The Clearance page, but they go so fast, that watching the forums (and possible using Wootstalker) is your best bet.

Tip: Use this page:

It automatically updates when there’s a new comment on a thread or a new post, but it’s REALLY helpful.

I just had to go do real life things real quick :rage:

While it seems like it’s to get people to post about it, it’s likely related to security cookies so someone can’t make a purchase if you’re logged in.

you have probably answered this, but getting a BOC now means you cannot get one at Christmas, right? 31 day rule.