Ballarini Verona 7.5 qt Dutch Oven Black

I have an anodized aluminum, nonstick, eight quart Kitchenaid Pro stock pot and it is the same dimensions as this “Dutch oven,” except the Kitchenaid is about an inch or two taller and somewhat heavier, so I don’t really consider the Ballarini to be a Dutch oven.

The aluminum is about 4mm thick, while my Kitchenaid stock pot has 5.5mm thick anodized aluminum and has a stainless steel slab on the bottom to make it work on induction elements. The Balarini is solid aluminum, so it won’t work on induction surfaces, but it seems to heat up faster than the Kitchenaid stock pot on my glass top stove.

The lid handle is stupidly designed and gets hot very quickly.

The pot is otherwise good quality, but I would not pay more than $60 for it, and I don’t consider it a Dutch Oven (I tried to return it because the Ballarini is more of a stock pot than a Dutch Oven, but Woot wouldn’t let me). The Kitchenaid Pro stock pot is better quality and is $85 right now on Amazon.

Lastly, two Ballarini pans that I ordered from Woot arrived and were grossly – almost comically – out of round, so keep that in mind.

I use an induction system. Why don’t these sellers say if they are compatable or not? The kind first comment answered my question. It is because they are not, butwish to sell to me anyway.