Ballarini Verona Fry Pan 11 3/4" Black

I purchased the “Ballarini Verona Fry Pan 11 3/4” during a previous woot sale. The pan arrived grossly distorted (it was almost shaped like the letter D). The shipping box showed no evidence of mishandling. I also had to return a Ballarini saute pan, which arrived in a separate shipment, for similar reasons.

Woot sent replacements and I returned the defective pans. I have not received notice from woot of their receiving the returns even though I returned them a number of days ago.

The second “Ballarini Verona Fry Pan 11 3/4” arrived in expected new condition.

The pan is worth $40, but not more. It is constructed of pressed 4mm aluminum. It does not have an induction disk, so it will not work on induction elements. The pan works well on my glass top stove.

The quality is similar to the US made “Daily Chef 12-inch Restaurant Fry Pan” sold at Sam’s Club for $22.88, but the Italian made Ballarini is a little more refined. However, I have Kitchenaid Pro anodized aluminum pans that are better quality than both.

The handle stays cool, but the hole in the handle has edges sharp enough to cut you if you are careless.

I have not had the pan long enough to comment on the durability of the nonstick surface, but nothing has stuck yet. Functionally, the non-stick coating works as well as good quality Teflon. The pan has been easy to clean, both inside and out.