Hilary White is in my top-5 t-shirt artists of all time. Surprising, unique, clever, funny designs with a cool look. Huzzah!

They see me rollin’…

first time shirt buyer… i’m torn between the large classic, or large fitted. If when it arrives, and i feel the other one would fit better, do they do free exchanges? Hard to shop for shirts online.

The discussion page that shows the differences is linked in my .sig.

I’m not staff, so I can’t say whether they do exchanges or not, but the way to compare is to grab a shirt that fits you comfortably and measure the chest (rant: clothing sizes DO NOT HAVE STANDARDIZED MEASUREMENTS!) and also see how the sleeves are tapered. Despite having similar spec sizes, the Port and Company (classic) is a bit looser in both. The sleeves are longer and tapered less than the Bella/Canvas (fitted).

Both of these are men’s large.

(classic on the bottom has been washed/dried; fitted was unwashed.)

Check out the size chart, it is super helpful! It illustrates the differences between the two sizes.

BTW, I apologize that I am soooooo late in posting the official logo:

this really isn’t good enough @narfcake :wink:

I was getting stressed out when I didn’t see it in your original response


I suggest not to look in the discussion pages of the plus sale designs; I didn’t post the logo on any of those.