Ballfinder Scout Digital Golf Ball Locator

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New Ballfinder Scout Digital Golf Ball Locator, for $79.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Ballfinder Scout Digital Golf Ball Locator

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I found my balls. They were in a jar somewhere…

But, in all seriousness…

What would happen if you lost this?

Walking usually does the trick for me…

can it find ones in the lake?

Already have one of these - its called a set of eyes

This doesn’t seem like it could possibly work. Even a little bit. How’s it possible.

Use an orange ball

wow interesting idea, but any idea or proof that this thing will actually work?

if you need to spend $80 to find your golf balls since you lose so many, you need a new sport like bowling…

Will this work on Politicians, to see if they have any? Balls, that is.

Balls are sooooo cheap, I’ll just drop another one instead of paying this much for a low power xray.

Ummm…How many boxes of golf balls is $80.00 anyway?

Devices like this are why important patents are taking 24 months to be processed.

who the hell wants one of these things? xD

I was hoping for golf clubs not a ball finder. Let’s have some golf clubs!
Seems more expensive than a few golf b a l l s.

Do they make this kind of device for car keys…or, better yet, remotes?

If you need an 85 dollar ball finder to find your golf balls, you my friend suck and are to lazy to find your own balls, check your pants first.

anarchy in uk?


With this economy, you can ask some poor soul in an economic slump to find the ball for you for waaaayyyy less!! Heck, I’ll find the golf ball for you for $5.