Ballin' Boot Trays



True fact: I am the only one on my apartment building floor that has a door mat. Do you have a door mat? If not, would one of these do the trick?


I’m the only one in my apartment with a doormat too!! I don’t get it though. How does one live in an apartment building and not have a doormat? I guess everyone else must already have a boot tray hiding inside their apartment door… I’d say it’s best to play it safe and have both. For your carpet’s sake.


That circle door mat is looking a bit…



I wanted to buy this, but I read that they have problems with rust…bummer. Amazon reviews.


LOL. It’s talking about the design in the rubber border: interlocking circle rubber


I just have a hardwood floor and some throw rugs, but coming home soggy many days in a row has made me give the boot tray a second look.


I bought boot trays to put my plants in for the winter. It helps keep leaves, dirt, water from falling through the table onto the floor.


I dig your “out of the tray” thinking.


I use them for my dogs’ water and food bowls. Helps contain the spills, dribbles, and drools and keep the bowls in one place.