Balto or Cujo

Balto or Cujo

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got one finally

Pumping out the crap now!


First one was cancelled. Finally able to get this one.

Missed the limited - got this one! Yay!

That just sounds so wrong.

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98% and in the waiting room. Why do I torture myself so?

Got one! Yaaaay!

Just curious if you score a 9.99 BOC can you also buy a birthday box?

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YAY! got one pretty much immediately. Happy 15th to Woot, happy 3rd BOC to me in 12 years :slight_smile:

I already got one today

must have a ton of these ones…

That is awesome to hear!

I got one! My first BOC! Happy Birthday Woot!

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Congrats! That is awesome

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Oh I guess I got one. Did I just waste 10 bucks or what?

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I’ve been digging through the forums looking for this information, too. Haven’t found an answer yet. On the slim chance I can score an LE box, and can’t fight the practical voice in my head telling me not to spend the money, I really want to know!

Got one after wearing out my F5 button all day. Just missed the Birthday one…have to settle for the lower-grade disappointment.

SCORE! Got one! Happy 14th Wootiversary to me :slight_smile:

And Woot, my answer is Balto.

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