Balto or Cujo

You can get regular and le in the same day

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My first ever BOC, it better be Crappy :expressionless: :unamused:

I even got in via the Vestibule. Pretty surprised!

I wonder what the difference is between a $10 BAC and the $50 BAC?


LOL. I’m STILL in the VOP!

$40 more disappointment! :wink:


VOP again…

Just started today - what is an LE or birthday box?

Got through to the order page for the first time ever on a BOC and then it told me that I can only win one BOC in a 31 day period and wouldn’t let me place the order. I have been trying for 14 YEARS to win a BOC and thought I had finally made it. Sad Face.

Third BOC in 15 years for me :partying_face::beers: cheers!

This was the first one I’ve gotten in ages (December, 2016). I was almost caught out as I found I had to log in again even though I’d logged in just a short while earlier. I don’t follow Woot-Offs as closely as I used to so was a little surprised that the price has gone from $5 to $10. Hopefully that means a better selection of crap, as my previous craps have been pretty crappy. My biggest recommendation to others is that leaving WootStalker running in another tab with notifications on helped me get this.

10$ is just because they include the shipping i think?


DrumCorpsNut that’s right, it’s the $5 BOC plus $5 shipping.


Yes, it is

:frowning: waited through the VoP just to find i missed out.

The Woot Gods have laid the Crap on me…

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Oh, now it is showing up in my previous orders so maybe I just scored my first BOC!

Got my first Bag o Crap! Wanted to wait to make sure my order didn’t get canceled before posting this…So, Yay!