Bamboo 10-Bottle Wine Rack

Bamboo 10-Bottle Wine Rack
$24.99 (Normally $49.99) 50% off List Price
Dimensions: 21" x 7.25" x 33"

Ha! With all the wine you’ve “made” me purchase, WD, you ought to offer me a deal on a 10-hundred-bottle wine fridge :tongue:

Seriously, though, these things are great if you like to keep a few bottles handy in the living room or for cooking wines/liquors in the kitchen.

i must admit, wine.woot piqued my wife’s and my interest in wine. For our 5th anniversary we left on a 4-day escapade to Napa Valley, and all of a sudden I want to budget to save $1,200 for a wine fridge.

I used to keep quiet but ever since the ‘King of Shaves’ fiasco, I promise to be more vocal on sharing my thoughts to benefit other WOOTers.

I had posted a comment about the overprice of this item and WOOT deleted it. If you do not let consumers voice their thoughts, why bother having a forum other than filtering out comments that does not comply with your agenda of selling this product? Thumbs down, WOOT.

Let me just throw down some common sense and see how it works out. “Overpriced” doesn’t really help the discussion at hand though. What does help are comparative models (other wine racks), and even price comparisons on this exact item elsewhere.

Or reviews. We always like reviews. Hey folks, where are the reviews! :slight_smile: Is this sturdy? Will this help keep my wine.woot properly stored?

Hope that helps shed some light on things! We just ask folks to keep it constructive if there’s critique involved, we’re a simple lot like that!

I agree with this, though I find the practice of deleting posts to be very shady unless the post itself is outright offensive. I take a lot of opinions around here with a grain of salt, especially when not substantiated with any evidence, but that doesn’t mean I want to delete everything some people say (with the exception of mdkopper, get rid of that guy).

So not to hijack this thread but has anyone thought about how the recent changes in the tax law will affect your buying of wine or even wine accessories like this? The 2% for SS can add up pretty quick. Hopefully this will not lead to a discussion on taxes but rather on if you will change your wine buying habits. I myself will need to scale back a bit.

I’m going to buy more so I can forget that I’m paying 2% more in taxes.

LOL - can you please explain that to my wife :):):):slight_smile:

As always, the logic is flawless, you cant argue with this guy.

Good, not great deal. Modular racking systems can be found at about $30-40 on the low end. This is not modular, so I assume it’s meant as ornamental (as well as its stated practicality of storing 10 bottles). Still, 25 clams is a pretty fair price and better than what I could find for anything similar by about 10 bucks. Would be great for keeping wines at the ready (I have a rack specifically for this). Ten bottles is a bit disappointing as 12 seems the round number here, but whatever. Still a pretty good price.

Really low end 9 bottle-wine rack… if you have time on your hand at Ikea.

I’ve never liked this style of wine rack. To me it looks cheap and flimsy.

So true I just bought and installed 2, 100 bottle wine racks, 40 slots still open.

Is the height 21" or 33"?

They have a decent 24 bottle rack for 39. I managed to fit 52 bottles on there.

I want to be very clear that part of your comment that I deleted was extremely inappropriate and not allowed in our community. You can voice your opinion about it being overpriced (proof preferred) but conjecturing on country of origin and its citizens is not.