Bamboo 10-Bottle Wine Rack

Bamboo 10-Bottle Wine Rack
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Some comments from when this was sold in May

Well, sort of. There were 2 comments that were actually about this wine rack. (One said cheap/ugly, one said sturdy). The entire rest of the thread was just comments about Mods deleting snarky posts.

Only 10 bottles? Not very useful for me. I’m waiting for the 50+ bottle wine racks to add more storage in the basement.

Just throwing this out there…

Or you can build your own Wine Cube.

Thread by a Wine Wooter.

That’s an easy and interesting solution for beer storage but the gaps in standard lattice panels aren’t big enough for wine bottles and lattice is generally pretty flimsy anyway. That may suffice for beer bottles but wine bottles are both bigger and heavier.

I guess you could build your own lattice with similar sized furring strips to get wine bottle-sized holes but it would still be flimsy (even flimsier now that the strips are further apart to create bigger gaps).

Besides, there are so many better wine storage solutions you could build yourself with less time and effort involved, like Corrado’s “wine cube” project posted by Mark, above.

This thing looks like the racks with pegs on them that I put on my door as a kid to hang clothes on.

Sorry. I’m sure it does the job. Just looks like it oughta be filled with Two-Buck Chuck.

it is Bamboo. Bamboo ain’t all that cheep. it’s a handy transitional holder from larger storage to “about to drink” storage. IMO.

When do we get back to food items? Just saying!

When you sell us more of your Toffee. Preferrably a 5 gallon bucket of the Bites.

Does this ship to NY? :wink:

To everyone but you, smarty pants.


definitely would buy buckets of Brandini bites

Sorry Darlin’, I couldn’t resist. :wink: